The Goodness Of Yerba Mate Tea

Yerba mate is a traditional drink of South Americans. It is a storehouse of all the essential nutrients and minerals which help to sustain your health. The tea has various benefits which make it a preferred drink than coffee or tea. It is also more beneficial than a cup of green tea. You can know about the various benefits of yerba mate vs coffee in the following write up. It contains the necessary amino acids required for our body. You can visit the website to know more about the health benefits of yerba mate.

You need to be aware of various health benefits of yerba mate before you taste it. The following article details about the benefits of drinking yerba tea compared to other drinks.

Components Of Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate is similar to the regular tea leaves but it contains various other components which do wonders in offering you a healthy life. It contains the needed amino acids, vitamins, nutrients and minerals which help you to remain fit. The following are the various components of Yerba Mate

  •         It consists of over 15 amino acids which are responsible for bodybuilding
  •         It contains about 11 polyphenols
  •         It is a storehouse of about 24 vitamins and minerals
  •         It is a rich source of fatty acids.
  •         It is rich in antioxidants.
  •         It contains various phytonutrients like flavonoids and chlorophyll.

Health Benefits Of Mateine

The important compound that differentiates Yerba Mate tea from regular coffee is the presence of mateine. It is a compound which is closely related to the caffeine present in coffee. But this element differs in its chemical structure and provides positive effects to your body. It does not disturb the sleep pattern of a person. It helps you to feel balanced and act as a powerful stimulant. The mateine is responsible for nourishing your body.

Amazing Health Benefits

There are various other health benefits of drinking a cup of yerba mate regularly. It is an excellent energy booster as it contains the alkaloids theophylline and theobromine. It gives you instant energy just as you get charged up when you have a bite of chocolate. The tea does wonder in improving your digestive process. It helps to improve your metabolism and eliminates the toxins from your body. The yerba mate is an ideal choice for your weight loss plan as it plays a key role in burning your extra fat.

Improves Your Immunity

Yerba mate can improve one’s immunity as it contains the required minerals and vitamins for your well being. You’re less prone to infections and other illness. The tea is called as immunomodulation has it helps to modulate your immune system. The tea can also calm down the overactive immune system.

The Perfect Recipe

You need to be careful in making a cup of yerba tea as the preparation process should not decrease the goodness of the tea. You need to mix few teaspoons of yerba mate tea in warm water and leave it undisturbed for few hours. This enables the goodness of the leaves to get dissolved in the tea.

The above are the various health benefits of yerba mate compared to other caffeinated drinks.

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